5 | Boogie in Faro


    I seem to have spent most of my time in really cold places just recently so it was fantastic to find that I've come to Faro in the south of Portugal.  It's nearly 30 degrees ...

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    4 | Boogie goes to Texas

     I'm in Austin Texas!

    we heard that the weather was really hot there (even warmer than Barcelona) but I'm really glad I took my jacket because when we arrived, it got cold and started ...

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    3 | Boogie Bear Basking in Barcelona

     Hello from Barcelona

    After all the cold in England, Barcelona in Spain is really nice and warm.  We sat outside and had coffee in the sunshine.

    We are only here for a couple ...

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    2 | Boogie at the Colosseum in Rome

    Hello from Rome in Italy.

    We've been travelling around the really old Roman part of Rome today.  It is really amazing - to think that some of these buildings are 2000 years old!  ...

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    1 | Boogie Bear Braves Dublin BearPort (hee hee)

    Hullo from Dublin Airport

    It seems like only yesterday that I was in Cyprus which was nice and warm.  Now we are in Dublin.  Which is very nice too but its a nippy wind and its ...

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