Community Guidelines


Teddy Trips is intended as a fun and educational community for adults, parents, teachers and kids to learn about the world in which we live.


We want Teddy Trips to be the kind of place where people can interact and communicate with each other safely. To keep it that way, we have developed the following Community Guidelines which we ask all of our visitors and members to respect. In short, if we treat each other as we would expect to be treated in return, then we won't go far wrong!


Golden Rule: One Bear, One Passport

Do not try to copy or reproduce a passport we send you and attach it to another Teddy. Each passport contains unique identifier numbers which identify a bear on our system. If you duplicate these numbers by copying and attaching passports to other bears as well, then neither you nor anyone else will be able to track those bears properly through this site.


Keep It Clean

We will not tolerate the use of profanity or obscenities in any postings and messages.


Be Respectful

Harassing or threatening other members will not be tolerated. If your behaviour becomes scary or offensive to others, we will delete your posts and permanently ban you from the site.


Help Us Build a Self-Monitoring Community

Because of the sheer volume of posts made on this site, we operate a report and remove policy. To this end you will find a link labelled Report Abuse at the bottom of every post or comment on this site. Please use this link to alert us about any material you encounter that you believe in good faith violates either these Community Guidelines or the Terms and Conditions of Use, or is otherwise inappropriate.


Pause Before Submitting

Although you may edit and/or delete your posts, it is important to recognize that thousands of people may be reading your comments from the moment you hit submit. People who are already linked to the adventure you are updating will be receiving an email update pointing them to your comments and/or updates as soon as you submit them. Please consider and respect your audience.


No Solicitation

We want Teddy Trips to be a trusted community for our users and members to exchange information about their Teddies' adventures. We do not condone or tolerate messages posted by users that overtly solicit members to buy or learn more about other products and/or services. Self-promotion or commercial interests under the pretence of posting adventure updates are strictly prohibited. If you would like to promote a business through us at Teddy Trips, please get in touch with us instead. We're easy to work with! :)


No Spam

We do not allow duplicate messages made for the purposes of marketing, otherwise known as spam.


Questions or Suggestions?

If you feel something is missing, unclear or could be improved about these Community Guidelines, then please get in touch with us


Above All, Enjoy Yourselves and Be Nice to Each Other!




The Teddy Trips Team