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Johan Aslak comes from the far north of Europe. He would love to see other far away corners of the world. It would be great, if you could make him new clothes, that he is dressed appropiately for the place he is visiting. Fur cap and cardigan will not fit everywhere! But most important: Take him wherever you want to!

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      4 | Studying hard in Oldenburg

       I followed Birte home to Oldenburg, where she's studying. 

      I actually tried to help her with her bachelor thesis in biology, but it's quite hard for a rat! She's working with ...

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      3 | Carnival in the forest kindergarten

       After I came to germany, i visited a special outdoor kindergarten, where the children are in the forest the whole day. It's so amazing there now with all the snow. The north of germany is ...

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      2 | South of the arctic circle

       My first step to exploring the world led me just a little bit lower of the arctic circle, still in swedish lapland, still snow, still cold. I visited a ...

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      1 | My home in swedish lapland


      my name is Johan Aslak, i'm a norwegian rat coming from the far north of europe, swedish lapland. Here i've lived a life in the wilderness, drove snowscooters, ...

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