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15 Adventure Updates

      15 | Bamse in Fuerteventura! :)


      I have now left the amazing Fiji island and have gone to Fuerteventura (one of the Canary Islands) for a week of holiday. Spanish is a beautifuleven though I hardly understanda word,

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      Updated by Bamse Posted over 9 years ago.

      14 | Feejee!!

      \r\n(means hello in Fijian)


      I know I haven't been all over the world, but I am pretty sure that I have found the paradise on earth! Fiji is AMAZING!! =)


      On the ...

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      Feed coconut in that hammock
      Updated by Bamse Posted about 10 years ago.

      13 | A taste of New Zealand

      Hello friends!

      If you have never visited New Zealand or a shop with Kiwi things, it is really time to do it because your missing out!! (yes, they acutally call things and people from New ...

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      Updated by Bamse Posted about 10 years ago.

      12 | Quick visit in Hong Kong

      \r\nToday I visited Hong Kong and it was really cool! I did not understand much of the signs with their wierd, but pretty nice alphabet. I wonder how long that would take to learn? ;)

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      Updated by Bamse Posted about 10 years ago.

      11 | Coffee in Copenhagen!

      Hello everyone!


      Sorry for not updating you about my adventures for quite some time now, but now I am on my way for new, fun adventures! Like you can see on the picture, I am enjoying my ...

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      Updated by Bamse Posted about 10 years ago.

      10 | Bamse in Jönköping!


      After the adventures in Stockholm, I took the bus down to Jönköping which is a beatiful city by the lake Vättern. On the picture you see my at the pier, which is ...

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      Updated by Bamse Posted almost 11 years ago.

      9 | Bamse in Stockholm

      \r\nI'm now in beatiful Sweden and its great!! My first stop was in Stocholm where i visited Hanna's friend Sofia. She took me on a sightseingtour around the town, showed me Djurg&aring

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      Updated by Bamse Posted almost 11 years ago.

      8 | Bamse in Kutna Hora!

      \r\nRight now I'm in a really small, but very cute town called Kutna Hora!! Its situated one hour from Prague and is a must see if you go to Czech!!
      \r\nOn the picture you see me ...

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      Updated by Bamse Posted almost 11 years ago.

      7 | Beatiful Prague!! :)

      \r\nWhat a great summer I'm having!! After a couple of months in Holland, I'm now on holiday for a week in Czech!! On the photo you see me on the beatiful Charles Bridge in ...

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      Updated by Bamse Posted almost 11 years ago.

      6 | Beer!! =)

      Hi again!

      I just remembered that I had to show you a picture from the beer brewery that I went to in Amsterdam! It was sooo cool! On the picture you can see me, Hanna, her sister ...

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      Updated by Bamse Posted about 11 years ago.

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