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Haggis McTavish

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Hello, My name is Raffy. Haggis is a thoroughbred Scottish teddy. Please take care of him while he is with you. He loves travelling and playing the bagpipes. I'd really apreciate it if you take a picture of him and upload it to this website, write about it too! I would love to see where he has been.



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      3 | A new home!

       Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't shown you all the fun i've been up to recently! In august Raffy, Benjamin and I moved to Edinburgh. As i am a scottish teddy, I love it here! There's lots ...

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      2 | Friends Forever

      Hello! Here are the other teddies living with Raffy and Benjamin. The one on the left is Teddy, he is Raffy and Benjamin's mum's ...

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      1 | Haggis at Home



      Hello, I am Haggis McTavish. At the moment I am just hanging out at home with my super cool owner, ...

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