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      11 | Dublin Summer

       About time I visited my friend Sammie again - and this time the weather in Dublin was so pleasant that we were able to spend a lot of time in the garden. Here I am sitting on my favourite ...

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      Updated by Daisy Posted about 9 years ago.

      10 | Nice breeze in Hamburg

      Hello everybody,


      I wish I had enough time to get on one of those boats and feel the wind in my fur, but I have a train to catch that will take me back home to Berlin. A little tired ...

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      Updated by Daisy Posted over 9 years ago.

      9 | Death and the Maiden

       Hello everyone, 

      Hope I didn't scare you with the title of my message - I was just so enthralled by the beauty of the string quartet. Here I am with my dear friend Humph in Vienna ...

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      Updated by Daisy Posted over 9 years ago.

      8 | Visit to Phoenix Park

      A delightful sunny morning in Dublin's Phoenix Park - and there's no better place for breakfast than the lovely Tea Rooms. Although it's quite cold we stay outside, as we ...

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      Updated by Daisy Posted over 9 years ago.

      7 | Music rules the world

      Back in Trier for Christmas, I refuse to have yet another photo taken with an ancient Roman building as backdrop. I've always liked this music fountain so I take the opportunity and sit down for a ...

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      Updated by Daisy Posted over 9 years ago.

      6 | Roman Holiday

      Ciao de bella Italia. I managed to land on this really nice balcony with a view. How nice it is to have a little Roman respite and get away from the grey and cold November in Berlin. Humph and I ...

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      Updated by Daisy Posted almost 10 years ago.

      5 | Kunst in London

      Ah London - breathing the air of this great city early in the morning is one of the best things in the world.

      Naturally, I had a coffee in Bar Italia (no sugar....) and read ...

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      Updated by Daisy Posted almost 10 years ago.

      4 | Cardiff - city of bears

      My first trip to Wales - and much to my surprise I discovered that Cardiff was a real bear hub. Many of my friends have left their mark here - and as the photos taken of me on the Severn ...

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      Updated by Daisy Posted almost 10 years ago.

      3 | Indian Summer in Dahlem

      Hello from Berlin-Dahlem on this beautiful Indian Summer day. I got on my bike to visit the horses and cows - unfortunately the latter were nowhere to be seen. They were probably chewing on their ...

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      Updated by Daisy Posted almost 10 years ago.

      2 | Daisy at the Black Gate

      I recommend a train journey if you want to visit the oldest town of Germany. The beautiful views of the Mosel valley and the steep vineyards (producing the ...

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      Updated by Daisy Posted about 10 years ago.

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