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Drawings in the Desert

Bb nazca


From Lima, I journeyed to the Peruvian grape growing town of Pisco and went on a boat trip to the Ballestas Islands to see a vast colony of sea birds and sea lions. It was very smelly because of all the bird poo but the sea lions lounging lazily on the rocks were funny to watch.

That evening we drove through the desert in a large comfortable old car to Nazca. The following morning we got a bird’s eye view of the desert from a small plane when we took a flight over the famous Nazca lines, giant pictures drawn in the sand that are over 1500 years old. There were drawings of spiders, trees, whales and dogs, but unfortunately no bears which was a little disappointing. My favourites were the picture of the monkey with the curly tail and the hummingbird with the long beak!

Love Barnaby Bear xx


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