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Treacle in Barcelona

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\r\nI'm on a new adventure, a fast and furious adventure of visiting a few countries all very quickly.  You spend lots of time at airports when you do that and you have to sleep whenever you can.  So I tried to get some sleep in Barcelona airport, but the lights were too bright.  So I hunted around to try to find somewhere dark to hide and sleep, hurrah!
\r\nA new place soon!


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      Fick minsann en annan supporter med mej ut från butiken, kanske vill åka vidare med mej på äventyr...Tyvärr blev det ingen match denna gången men jag kommer alltid ha Barca i mitt Nalle-hjärta <3

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      Men hur kunde jag glömma visa er det bästa med Barcelona!! Gissa vilket lag jag håller på? :)

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      Chillar bland palmer :) Kom till Barcelona med en sångglad dam som hade med sig en hel hög andra sångglada damer. Dom skulle tydligen sjunga i nån kyrka här i stan. Blir nog fint!

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      Lunch i Barcelona!! Ni kan tro att jag får resa mycket och se många fina platser :)

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      After a grey day yesterday I was so pleased to wake up to beautiful sunshine in Barcelona.  I had been really excited about visiting here as I knew I would see some amazing sights.  We ...

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      Finally Barcelona

      We loved this city. We went down a long road full of people pretending to be statues.

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      Boogie Bear Basking in Barcelona

       Hello from Barcelona

      After all the cold in England, Barcelona in Spain is really nice and warm.  We sat outside and had coffee in the sunshine.

      We are only here for a couple ...

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