Adventure Update from Barnaby Bear

Hot baths in Baños and Sun temples in Cuenca

Bb banos

Hola (Hello in Spanish),

When I left the jungle, I spent two days in the resort town of Baños, where I relaxed and recovered from my mosquito bites! My travelling companions went off to bathe in the hot springs (or Baños) which give the town it´s name and make it well known all over the world. I don{t much like water as it makes my fur all clumpy, so I stayed behind at the hotel, had a massage and sat on the balcony watching the waterfalls. It was very peaceful.

I am now in Cuenca where I have been to look around the ancient Inca settlement of Ingapirca. Though it is over 500 years old, the sun temple where the Incas used to worship, is still standing. A friendly and very wise llama gave me a tour of the site and showed me where all the ancient houses used to be.

I am going to bed early tonight as I have a long day of travelling ahead of me tomorrow. I will be leaving Ecuador and going to Peru!

I hope I can find some of Paddington´s friends!

Adios for now

Love Barnaby Bear xx


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