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Mini-Sven in Entebbe

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\r\nThe last update from Africa.  It's been an awesome adventure and I've loved Africa.  So I had a final meet up with my friend Treacle for coffee.  I was glad that he didn't get into too much more trouble in this trip!  We met up by the shores of Lake Victoria, which is the worlds largest tropical lake and the worlds second largest freshwater lake!  It was very beautiful, but unfortunately you can't swim in it because it's got a parasite that would make you very sick.  Ah well, time to go home and start a brand new adventure...
\r\nlots of love


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      Treacle in Entebbe

      \r\nI've had a wonderful time in Africa, but I've been planning my trips and I'm now ready to go on a new adventure.  I met up with Mini-Sven one last time to make plans for new ...

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