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At Home with the Sevciks

Sept2008 047

Wow! I'm now settled in Crystal Lake, Illinois. Henrik's cousin Karin lives here with her husband Scott and their three children, Annika, Sawyer and Ava. They welcomed me with big hugs and kisses! I have to say, I'm a bit worried about their big, furry dog, though. See him in the picture?! He's definitely friendly and nice. But look at those teeth! I've been told I'll get to hang out with the other 200 hundred stuff animals this family has!!


I'll be here for a bit, and then I'll get to meet Aunt Kathy. She is Karin's sister. (For whatever reason, the children call her "Auntie Q".) I'll be joining Auntie Q for a trip next week and then I'll be back. The leaves are beginning to change colors here in Crystal Lake, so I'm enjoying my surroundings.


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