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Treacle at Hells Gate

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I've taken a day trip to the Rift Valley and to Hells Gate. I'm not sure what I expected, but it was a fun day out.  I met up with Mini-Sven and we walked together for a while.  We sat high on some rocks to exchange our travelling stories.  Of course I got into trouble and slipped and fell from the high rocks.  Mini-Sven did try to save me, but he couldn't catch me in time.  I landed soft on the volcanic ash on the floor though.  So I was safe and sound.  Phew!  More soon!


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      Mini-Sven at Hells Gate

      \r\nI'm still in Kenya and we've travel to a place called Hells Gate.  This place got its name from the narrow break in the cliffs in the middle of the Rift Valley Province. &nbsp

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