Adventure Update from Bamse

A taste of New Zealand

Nya zeelands flygplats

Hello friends!

If you have never visited New Zealand or a shop with Kiwi things, it is really time to do it because your missing out!! (yes, they acutally call things and people from New Zealand fro Kiwis, lol!!)

I do not know if I have told you before, but I am a big fan of dialects and accents, especially the different english accents. So for you all lucky people and teddies who has heard a Kiwi must understand how great it was for me to hear the Kiwi accent! It is definitely my new favourite!! =)

If you are brave and want a new experience, you have to try Vegemite! It looks delicious, just chocolate spread - but I promise you, it is nothing like it! Try it and find out!

Have a great time until next time, and then I will be on a small tropical island on the other side of Europe - soo cool! Lol!

Lots of love,




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