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Treacle in Lapa Rios

128treacle laparios

\r\nThis is my last update from the wonderful country of Costa Rica.  I've had such fun with my new friends, they've shown me some wonderful sights!  A lot of birds too, I had to study the bird book very hard to recognise most of them. There were so many birds on the Osa Peninsula.  You can also see me on the balcony with the Pacific Ocean behind me.  There was a hammock, which I climbed into.  It was a large hammock and I got to share it.  It was very, very, very swingy though and I swung so much that I made myself seasick, sigh!  My journey was made very special by my new friend Snoopy.  It took us a while to get used to each other, but by the end of the adventure we were great pals, so I hope to go away with him again!  Thank you for looking after me!!!!  A new adventure soon.


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