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Boogie in Romme

Boogie romme

\r\nI'm back in Sweden again, skiing! Just for the weekend, so it was a flying visit really, but it was soo cold! Infact it was far too cold a little bear really. When it gets very cold bears actually hibernate, so I wasn't allowed to go out just incase I fell asleep on my paws! We stayed in a really wild hotel, up in the dome of a large shopping centre. You can see the shopping centre in the pictures, if you look closely you can see the windows right up in the dome. It's been very snowy over in Sweden and the snow was covering the window of the hotel room.  I was allowed out of the car just long enough to have my picture taken with the slope, it was very, very cold, -19 degrees. Way too cold for me! It's been a long winter!
\r\nlots of cuddles


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