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Humph in heavenly Halong


Hurrah! We have booked a cabin on the Emeraude which everyone says is the best and most luxurious cruise ship in Halong bay. We meet at the Hanoi press club and then take a 3 hour drive to Halong. The ship is a replica of a 1903 paddle steamer and everything is covered in teak and brass - an Edwardian 5 star hotel on water. We have lunch almost on arrival and then retire to one of the loungers for a siesta. Meanwhile we are cruising around the bay. Lots of fresh prawns for dinner washed down with some of the Rothschild Chilean venture - just the ticket. To bed early and then up at dawn to see the sunrise - everything stunning. We'll have breakfast soon and then docking and a long drive back to Hanoi for our onward flight to Bangkok.


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