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Good evening ladies and gentleman,
\r\nI think I've become quite a famous travelling bear as I was invited to be the guest speaker at a lecture in Linköping Universitet.  I was a little nervous, what with it being my first lecture, but I took the stand, but I had my subject, "On the Joy of Travelling", I had my power point presentation, I was all set!  I think the best part of the lecture was when I explained how to enjoy waiting - sporting activities, exploring ticket machines, mimicking people.  The hardest bit about lecturing was definitely trying to use the pointer.  It was very big and heavy, it took all my strength to lift it up!  I really enjoyed being a lecturer though, maybe when I retire from travelling that's what I'll do, be a lecturer!


I'm now leaving for a new adventure, I've said my fond farewell to my faithful companion Anders and I'm looking forward to saying hello to my new companions.  I'm sure I'll go on the road with Anders again though, thank you for taking care of me!


This update was posted by Treacle over 10 years ago.

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