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\r\nLjungbro seemed to be a good place for winter activities, so today we went back there for another adventure. This time we went to the Göta Kanal where someone had ploughed a track in the snow on the ice. We started to skate at the Heda Lock. Unfortunately there were lots and lots of people out skating and because I was so small I didn't see all the people and I managed to get myself run over by a skate, that wasn't fun at all! After that I managed to find the only hole in the ice and got myself stuck. It wasn't turning into a very good day at all. :(
\r\nLuckily I met up with some very kind friends who showed me how to wear and use ice prods, these keep you safe on natural ice. I also learnt about the using the whistle if you are in touble, which actually happens rather a lot to me! So I found the best way for skating was to hold on very tight to the ice prods around someone elses neck and then I stayed nice and safe. We managed to skate somewhere between 3 to 4 kilometers west along the canal this way. It was lots of fun!
\r\nAnother adventure soon!


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