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Treacle Goes Crosscountry Skiing

Treacle crosscountry

I'm now back in Sweden again and am enjoying the wonderful snow we've got over here.  I decided to go out for a walk and happened to pass by the Vreta Kloster Golf Club, out by Ljungsbro near Linköping.  I was so amazed to see the car park so full of cars!  Of course I had to go and see what was going on, how could people be playing golf with so much  snow everywhere?

Of course no-one could be playing golf, they were crosscountry skiing!  I found a 10 kilometer track and got my skis out, but very cleverly I realised that if the start and the goal ('mål') is at the same place, you don't even have to put on the skis!

So I made a really large snowman whilst my friends were all skiing.  Lots of fun and far less tiring!
A new adventure coming up soon!


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