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Treacle in Luzern

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I've travelled to Switzerland to spend some time skiing! It's lovely and snowy here, just like everywhere else at the moment! To get to the ski resort we had to take the train from the Zentralbahn in the city of Luzern up to Engelberg. It's a very small and really cute railway with a rail gauge of only 1,000 mm. I decided that I wanted to have the best view possible going up into the Alps, so I got on the very front of the train. The crew of the train didn't think that was the best place for me though and I was reseated into one of the three coaches

On the steepest part of the line, cogs are used to pull the train uphill (or to break it when going down). You can see how steep the line is in the second picture by how much I had to tilt the picture to make the trees be upright! It was brilliant! We were soon in Engelberg though and ready for some adventures!


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