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Boogie Goes to Settle

Boogie settle

Today we went on a train adventure.  We drove out to Langwathby (very icey!) and took the train from there all the way down to Settle in the Yorkshire Dales.  The Carlisle to Settle Railway was built in the 1870s and then nearly closed again in 1960 and in 1980, but the local people really didn't want to lose it and so fought really hard to keep it open.  I'm really glad they did!  The best bit was definitely the Ribblehead viaduct with its 24 arches, amaxing! It was a lovely journey with wonderful views of the dales and hills.  We had a lovely long walk, which was very icey and we slipped and slide around everywhere!  Soon we hopped back on the train and headed back up into the Lake District again.  A lovely day!
lots of cuddles


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