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This is my last update from my wonderful Balkern adventure.  I've had lots of fun out here, I've not got into too many scrapes, but that's not a bad thing!  I'm in Tirana, which is the capital of Albania.  I really do love travelling you know and I got a bit edgy on my last day here.  I went to see the National Historical Museum, you can see the facade on the front called the Albanians.  If you look really closely on the left hand side, the people are all looking up and shooting.  What they didn't know when they made that mosaic was that they were actually looking at/aiming at a little teddy bear that was jumping up to try and get a better look!  Whilst I was in a jumping mood I also visited the statue of the national hero Skanderbeg, I wondered if I could jump up next to him, but it was far too large and far too dangerous, so luckily I didn't manage it.  You can see me in the hotel too, I thought that the toilets were very strange in that hotel!  They had strange bridges too, you could fall off one of those!

Finally I decided at the airport that I'd try to jump over an aeroplane, I managed it too.  Tee hee!  Oh well, time to leave Albania and the Balkerns.  It's been great!


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