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\r\nI hopped onto the night train and travelled south to the former Yugoslavian republic of Macedonia. It really is a very silly name! It's silly because the Greeks (back a long time ago) had a place called Macedonia and the people here in this area didn't like them ... so they decided to call themselves Macedonia too. Very silly! In the pictures you can see me in front of the most famous landmark in Skopje, the stone bridge. I also visited the museum, which was really badly damaged when the earthquake in 1963 happened. This half standing building is there as a reminder of all the people that died. I also tried to make friends with a bull in the middle of Skopje but it didn't go well... After all the traveling around I got tired and decded to go and write postcards in a cafe instead. It was hard work, but I got them all written and posted without getting into trouble at all! Phew! Time to move on again now!


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      Evening all,
      \r\nI'm now in Skopje, that's the capital city of Macedonia.  More than a quarter of this countries people live in this city!  That sounds like a lot of people, ...

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