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Mini-Sven in Split

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Morning all,
\r\nI've travelled down to the Balkerns and the wonderful city of Split. It's very old and has has been involved with many different countries, but you know what, I think I'm not the first traveller to be here, I think there is another traveller here too. I've had my suspicions for a while, but I definitely found little bits of red scarf. So I had a look at the other blogs and I've seen that Treacle is around these parts at this time too. I wonder if we'll meet up? I hope so, he seems like a jolly fellow, even if he does get into trouble rather a lot!
\r\nlots of love


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      Treacle in Split

      \r\nWe've travelled all the way down to Croatia and the city of Split. Split is a city that has been involved with many countries, after World War I it was part of the Kingdom of Serbs,

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