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Mini-Sven in Iceland

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Morning all,
\r\nI've flown out of central Europe and gone to Iceland, I would have taken the train if I could have done, but Iceland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean and trains don't go here! There have been lots of financial problems, but it's a most wonderful place! The first permanent settlers settled here in 874AD from Norway and since then lots of Nordic and Celtic peoples have moved here. It's been part of Norway and Denmark, but now is a country in it's own right. My favourite part of visiting this wonderful country was visiting the Myrdalsjöskull glacier and the hot geysirs. Brilliant! We saw the Great Geysir in the Haukadalur valley, the oldest known geysir in the world. Definitely something worth seing! Iceland is not quite in the arctic circle, but the days are very long in the summer and very long in the winter! Another update from my world adventures very soon!
\r\nlots of love


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      Island is great - lovely horses here :-)

      Today its been sunny but very cold for a teddy like me!

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