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Morning all,
\r\nI've taken the long flight back to Europe again. It really is a long way for a little person to go, all the way to Australia and back again. Luxembourg is a very small country, it's really called the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and is only 2586 square kilometers and has under half a million people living here. It's the worlds only remaining sovereign Grand Duchy and is ruled by a Grand Duke! We managed to find the perfect railway for me, a miniature one. I had such fun! You can also see me in the hand of the staute of the Grande-Duchesse Charlotte. I found a few little shreds of red yarn in her hand, so I know I'm not the first traveller to sit here! I wonder if I'll catch up with this bear somewhere on the road? Oh well, talking of which, back on the road again, lots of places to go to before I can take a rest!
\r\nlots of love


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