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Mini-Sven in Melbourne

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Morning All!
\r\nThis is my final update from Australia. We've gone all the way south to Melbourne. The weather has got colder again, I definitely preferred it back up in Queensland, much warmer. It was less dangerous too! I ended up being caught in the mouth of a lion and then when we went to the Old Melbourne Gaol I managed to get myself in trouble and had my photography taken as if I was a prisoner and being put in Ned Kellys old helmet. I really felt as if I was getting into trouble all over the place, so it's probably best that I'm heading back to Europe again! I'm sure I'm not the only bear that has got stuck in Ned Kelly's helmet though, or maybe that's my imagination!
\r\nNow, the important question is, where to go next?
\r\nlots of love


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