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Boogie Goes to the Beach

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\r\nWe've now driven back over to Gdansk to take the Ryanair flight home, but there was enough time to go to the beach. A good friend of mine went to the beach here in Poland and I think he had a great time, got into a bit of trouble, but had a great time. I think it must have been earlier in the year though, it was soooooo cold, I had to sit on a plastic bag to make sure that I didn't freeze my fur! I also tried to go and see a train. Trains in this area don't go very fast though, but they this one was really noisy and it was hailing and I was so cold. The train went so slowly that we could see the train driver give us all a very strange look. I don't know if it was because it was hailing and he was wondering why we were out in this weather, or if there just aren't very many travelling bears in this area? We didn't stay long anyway and drove straight to the airport to warm up again!
lots of cuddles


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