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Holiday in Spain with Hannah Back


On September 4th October I went on my holidays with Hannah to Spain, we went to a place called Salou. We had to get up really early in the morning at 4am to go to Liverpool airport. Both Hannah and I had not been on a plane before and we were both very excited. Hannah had to go through a beeping machine and I had to be x-rayed and you could see what was in my tummy. The airplane was very big and it made our tummys go funny whan the plane took off. We arrived in Spain and it was very hot.We then got the bus to our hotel. Our room at the holel was great and we had a balcony.

We did lots of things in Salou, we went to the beach, made sand castles and went swimming in the sea. I did lots of sun bathing, Hannahs mum put lots of suntan lotion on us so we would not burn. We went out in the evening and had childrens cocktails with fancy straws. We went to a theme park called PortAventura, and we got the bus to the next town to visit the local market. We went on lots of walks and ate a lot of food.

On the 9th September we had to get the plane back to Liverpool airport. I was very sad to leave Spain because I had such a good time. But I know I have more adventures to come.

I hope you like my holiday photos.smiley


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