Adventure Update from Walter

Science Investigations at Hardy Mill School

Hi friends at Walmsley,

I've had a very busy time with some new friends at Hardy Mill. First I did some work about Henry VIII but I didn't like him very much because he chopped people's heads off!

Then I did some science investigations. I had my temperature taken with a forehead thermometer. Next I went outside to check the temperature...brrr it was chilly! It was fun using the large thermometer to take the temperature of some cold water. I felt very grown up when I had to measure the very hot water as I had to keep very still so I wouldn't spill any! Scary

I enjoyed it outside at lunchtime as I played with some activities. I loved playing on the bouncy hoppers.

I hope you are all missing me!

Love, Walter

P.S I wonder where I'm going next ???


This update was posted by Walter Bear almost 11 years ago.

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