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Treacle Arrives in Penrith

Treacle penrith

I arrived safe and sound in Penrith from Fiji.  It was a bumpy ride and I ended up at Penrith station all ready to go to a very special wedding!  I waited for a lift for a while on a handy traffic cone, but in the end thought that I should probably phone for a lift.  I'm only a little bear and don't have a mobile phone, so was very please to see the phone box next to the station!  Phone boxes though are very big places for little bears, but with  bit of clambering about and hanging around I managed to get a call through to be picked up.  But, yes, you've guessed it, whilst checking to get my change I got into trouble :(  Still, I was picked up very soon after that and rescued, phew!
An update very soon!


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