Adventure Update from Bamse

Bamse in Jönköping!

Tn bamse p  piren


After the adventures in Stockholm, I took the bus down to Jönköping which is a beatiful city by the lake Vättern. On the picture you see my at the pier, which is in the middle of the town! There was lots of great restaurants with an amazing view over the water!! I also find my new favourite spot there: the ice-cream shop! They had so many flavours that I had to go there at least ones a day to be able to try all the delicious flavours! Yummie!!

And just a stroll from my lovely ice-cream shop there was a beach! Not would you would expect in the middle of the city!! But it was great with lots of people sunbathing, swimming, playing volleyboll and so on! Jönköping is definately my type of town!! 

But now its time for new adventures somewhere else in Sweden!! Where? You'll find out next time!!

Lots of love,



This update was posted by Bamse almost 11 years ago.

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