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Boogie goes to Nazareth

Boogie nazareth

Today is a very special day, it is my travelversary.  I have now been travelling for exactly a year and it's been totally amazing!  I've been very lucky to have been with a family that has visited so many different wonderful places.  I hope that this next year is as awesome!

I am now in the most amazing country I think I've been to so far, Israel.  Today we are in Nazareth, which is where Joseph and Mary lived.  The church with the lovely stain glass window was actually all made of concrete, well at least the upper church part was, the lower part was a very old stone building where Mary lived, it's called the Church of the Annunciation.  Just over the road is where Joseph lived, you can see me sitting on the railing where his bath was, there is now a church above it called St Joseph's Church.

The map only works in satellite view, so you'll need to swap view to see anything, it just comes out grey otherwise!

So much history and so many old places!  More very soon!
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