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Treacle in a Suitcase!

Treacle suitcase

Today is a very exciting day.  I've said a very sad goodbye to Lizz and Dan and have started on a new adventure.  (Although I know I'll see them both again I've had a wonderful time with them!) I was put very carefully into Björn and Emma's suitcase and started a new adventure!  We're in Perth at the moment, but I know I'm going to have a wonderful time coming up.  I can't wait to see what adventure I go on next!


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      Mini-Sven in Perth

      Morning all,

      We've journeyed up the coast now and have made it to Perth.  We found this wonderful hotel - Miss Mauds Swedish hotel and of course we had to go in! (Being Swedish and all!)

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      Treacle in Perth


      I've now travelled further west and arrived in Perth.  We decided to stay in a lovely hotel the Sheraton hotel to be exact, yay!  You can see the fantastic view out of the ...

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      Boogie meets a Seagull!

      I'm on a really, really big adventure, I'm not sure I could go any further away from home if I tried, well, maybe, but this is pretty far!  I'm all the way over on ...

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