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Treacle in Perth Part III

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I was so right about having adventures anywhere!  I'm still in the same hotel as yesterday, but I managed to get into trouble again!  In every hotel room I've been in there is always a safe so that you can lock your valuables up safely.  I managed to get myself locked in!  Luckily my friend Dan was able to rescue me, phew!  It's not just safes that are dangerous though, even food is!  I was busily trying to lick the last tiny bit of honey goodness (did you know that bears like honey?) out of a little pot when I managed to get my head totally stuck inside it!  I saw the funny side of it though and decided that I should wear the pot like a helmet from a suit of armour, just like Ned Kelly.  Ned Kelly was a bushranger and folk hero, he was always getting into trouble and he was known for wearing a suit of armour with a helmet just like my honey pot here!.  You can see that I did my research in the fourth picture, I'm reading up on Ned so that I can avoid getting into trouble like him!

We're leaving this area now, so an update from somewhere else very soon!


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