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Treacle in Perth Part II

Treacle shaving


There are always adventures to be had, wherever you go and I had a little adventure this morning!  We are now in a new hotel, still in Perth.  It's just as posh as the last one, so I though, I need to tidy myself up a bit.  I've been on the road for a while and it's probably time for a shave!  So I had a shave and this was fine.  Next I thought, it's probably time to have a wash, so I got into the sink and began to have a wash with the soap (you can see it in the second picture).  What I hadn't realised was that it wasn't soap, it was bath foam, so I got covered all over in bubbles.  I didn't mind too much though, it was much lighter and nicer than sand or snow and made me nice and clean, although it did tickle a bit! Luckily there was a drying stand nearby, so I could dry out nicely.

oh, well.  Another adventure very soon, I'm quite sure!


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