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Treacle skiing in Oz!

Treacle perisher


I'm really, really loving Australia!  I'm having a really cool time! We've travelled to the ski resort of Perisher.  I had no idea that you could ski in Australia, a total surprise!  I expected hot and sunny weather the whole time, wild!  Once I found out you could ski though, I had to try it out!  You can see me trying to ski, but the ski poles where just too long for me, sigh!

So I decided to go for a walk instead, but it started to snow and I was really quickly covered up to my head in snow.  It was just like being on the beach all over again.  Luckily my trusty friend Dan was there to rescue me.  Unlike sand though it meant I got a bit of a clean, which was quite nice!

There is actually quite a lot of snow in Australia, especially if you are a little bear! Another update very soon!

lots of cuddles


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