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Florida Space Coast

Ast hall of fame

Arriving in Florida was very exciting. I arrived on the 4th of July and heard fireworks all night as I was was waiting for Sue to open the box I was shipped in.  She was so excited to know that someone sent her a bear and gave me lots of hugs. After reading my passport she realized Florida is a stop on my around the world trip.  We visited the beach for a very early morning sunrise and saw the turtle tracks of all the turtles that come to lay their eggs at night on the beaches here.  But my most exciting trip was to the Kennedy Space Center and the Astronaut Hall of Fame.  I was able to see where the rockets launch and learn about the space shuttle that launches from herein Florida. I hope I get to visit again to watch a shuttle launch to the international space station.  If my adventure was a bit longer in Florida I would have gone to see Mickey Mouse at Disney World in Orlando Florida which is only an hour away.  But I need to move on and visit so many other places.  Tomorrow it will be back in the box and off to see more of the world.  To visit the web sites of place I have traveled in florida click on the links below.



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