Adventure Update from Tommy

Teddy in Oslo


I'm so sorry that I didn't buy a jacket  for Teddy,  It was raining and cold in  July. The building at the back is a castle where the norway kings lived on the past. I dont remeber the name exatly. I took the photo from a cruise ship, called "grand voyager".  Its a spanish ship. The littlest and fastet of all cruise ships!


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Other Bears Which Have Checked in Nearby


2 bears spotted within 10 miles of this location


      In Oslo again

      The ship is just ready to weigh  ancor!  Bye bye Oslo! Next day were knowing another place.


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      Mini-Sven in Oslo

      I've left the shores of Old England and returned to my Nordic homelands.  I've gone to Norway, but I'm not sure that I like it here in Oslo, it's a bit wild and dangerous ...

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