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Boogie in Tampere

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We've taken a break from all the music and flown over for a weekend break to Finland, Tampere to be exact.  It's a lovely old city, first established by the King of Sweden in 1775.  It's a city that sits in between two lakes that are joined by some rapids.  These rapids now power electricity, but back then they would have been watermills. There are an amazing number of factories and industry.  It's really really pretty here and lots to do.  The city is quite small and we walked up to the park and up the observation tower.  You can see me on top looking at the northern lake. We then walked around the city and saw some random art installations.  From most angles the star just looks like washing, but if you stand in exactly the right spot, it forms a star, totally awesome!  Then we walked around to the southern lake.  You can just see the observation tower as we sat and sunbathed from a lovely sunny spot by the lake.
Another update tomorrow!
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