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Boogie at Lydford Gorge

Lydford boogie

I had a great time at Sidmouth, but we couldn't stay forever and we left to drive to north Devon.  We stayed in a wonderful B&B in the middle of nowhere to dry out from the mud (luckily I'd stayed inside most of the week, so that I didn't have to dry my fur out, but my family was quite soggy!  We spent a wonderful day walking at Lydford Gorge.  You'd miss the gorge from the road because it's cut very deep in the earth, but it's fabulous!  I was very relieved to see the sign about dogs being kept on a lead, small bears like me need to be careful with big dogs!  (I've seen Treacles adventures and he seems to get into trouble all the time!)  At one end of the gorge is the white lady waterfall, which was beautiful and at the other end was the Devils Cauldron, which was amazing!  Inbetween the river winds through all sorts of different areas, you'll just have to go ad see it for yourself, it was brilliant!
Another update to my tour of the Southwest very soon!
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