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Bamse in Kutna Hora!

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\r\nRight now I'm in a really small, but very cute town called Kutna Hora!! Its situated one hour from Prague and is a must see if you go to Czech!!
\r\nOn the picture you see me in front of the Cathedral of St Barbara, one of many beatiful buildings in this town who is on UNESCO:s World Heritage list for its architecture. I also found a really scary church who is mostly made of human bones! Don't go there if you don't like scarymovies, becuase it felt like I jumped straight into one when I was there! But it was quite cool to see anyway!
\r\nYesterday I visited the Silver mines! I'm glad that I'm not bigger than I am because in some places it was really really narrow and Hanna had to almost get down on her knees sometimes! Definately worth a visit! =)
\r\nNext time you here from me I'll probably be in Sweden!!
\r\nTake care!!
\r\nLots of love, Bamse


This update was posted by Bamse almost 11 years ago.

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