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I've ended up back in Detroit again but this time the weather is much better.

This is a great trip ... we went to the Motown Museum where I got to stand/sit/fall-over in "Studio A" - the place where so many of the really great Motown musicians recorded their music.  People Like Marvin Gaye and The Contours and The Spinners and the Isley Brothers and The Supremes and .... of course ..... the Jackson Five. You can see their website at . It was very very cool.

On the outside of the building was a shrine to Michael Jackson.  I didn't want to sit too close to the shrine because I might have made lots of friends, got talking and missed my next journey.

As usual, I fell over a bit ... but for once it wasn't raining so I didn't get wet.  YAY!

I'm only here for a short time - and then it is time to shoot back to England to do some more music stuff over there.

Must scoot.




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