Adventure Update from Treacle

Treacle back in Sweden

Treacle kristianstad

I'm back in Sweden now, the last leg of this mighty fine adventure.  You can just see out of the window of the train that it was dark and rainy, yuck, November weather!  I think my next adventure might have to somewhere hot and sunny, hmm...  You can see in the pictures that I got a bit bored on the train you can see me with my legs crossed needing to use the little bears room, trying out my scarf in new and fashionable ways and then finally practising my karate moves.  It's always good when you're travelling lots to take opportunities to keep supple.  So this is the end of this adventure, but I know where I'm going next and it's going to be lots and lots of fun!

I'll be blogging again soon, but I think I might be out of range of a computer for a little while...
Take care.
Lots of Love


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