Adventure Update from Mini-Sven

Mini-Sven and Dracula!

Ms dracula

I've had a very scary time!  We've left Bulgaria and have travelled over into Romania.  We're deep in the Carpathian mountains and have gone to place called Bran Castle.  It was one of Prince Vlad Tepes' temporary residences and is known as the home of Dracula..... Luckily it's been very bright sunshine, so I thought I'd be safe.  I'm not sure I was safe though, I got captured and put in a steel cage to keep until nightfall.  I was really scared that I'd not get rescued and Count Dracula would come along and eat me all up in the middle of the night.  Luckily I was rescued at dusk and have found my way back to the safe haven of the train.  Phew, a very close shave!  Another update soon!  Hopefully a less scary one!
lots of love



This update was posted by mini-sven almost 11 years ago.

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