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Treacle in Leba

Treacle leba

 Good Morning!
I've just finished an adventure in Leba, right in the north of Poland.  I'd had such a dull time in Lebork that I thought it was time to have a real adventure.  Leba is famous for it's sand dunes, so I jumped on a bike and pedalled off 7 kilometers outside the town to see them.  The sand dunes really were magnificent, they looked like a desert!  Too much like a desert, I walked and walked and didn't take enough water and I got lost and it got windy and I got buried ... again.  It was horrible.  Luckily my friend Dan rescued me (for the third time) from being buried in the sand and took me me to the town where I could rehydrate myself with an odd raspberry drink and take shelter from the sun.

Phew, that was a close encounter!
My adventures in Poland are nearly at an end, we're on the way home now.  It's been brilliant fun though!
lots of love



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