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Treacle in Hel

Treacle hel


I'm still on my adventure in Poland and it's been very exciting. We got on a boat and went to the town of Hel.  Hel is a 33 kilometer very narrow peninsular, if you look at the map, you'll see how thin it is!  You can see that I wanted to get a better view, so I sat on the gunwale, and managed to slip, but luckily I was caught by my good friend Toni and he saved me!  Phew, thank you Toni.  A close escape there, it wasn't a very good place to sit really.  Whilst we were in Hel we saw a stall selling lots of other teddies.  Unfortunately I was mistaken for one of the bears on sale and ended up on the stall.  I was rescued again in the nick of time!

Because Hel is on the peninsula there are lots and lots of wonderful beaches.  I did some nice sunbathing, but I ended getting buried again, beaches are so dangerous!  Sigh.

It was soon time to leave though, so I sat and waited at the railway station for a train.  More from my adventure soon!
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