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Treacle goes to the Beach

Treacle arkadia

I made it to the beach!  I was so happy.  After all our travelling by train down to the south coast it was wonderful just to lie in the sand and sunbath for a bit. This beach is called Arkadia, just outside Odessa city.  All the posh people come here, so I felt in very good company. Unfortunately the beach is a very big scary place really and I managed to get myself buried in sand. :(  I think bears must be quite unhappy here because I found a poster of a really sad bear.  I wonder why he was so unhappy!  I was sat thinking about this  and feeling a bit hungry on a bench when I spotted anohter poster of Ikra, Russian caviar, so I decided I should try to find some to eat.  It's been lovely in the Ukraine, even if I did get buried in sand, better that than sunburn!  It's time to leave here now and travel back north again by train.  I wonder what adventures I'll have on my way home?

lots of love


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