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Teacle in Odessa

Treacle odessa

I've finally made it down to Odessa and I don't mind telling you, I was soo hungry. It was a very very long train trip all the way south down here from Sweden. So of course we had a McDonalds.  Believe it or not it was quite nice after all the train food!  We did a little bit of sight seeing, you can see me in front of the World War II monument.  I have  feeling you could see monuments like this all over the world. :(

I finally got to see the sea.  I was very excited!  This is the Black sea, I so want to go to the beach and go sunbathing!  I can't wait!  To get to the beach you had to take a cableway.  I had to hang on really really tightly so that I did't fall off. Quite scary for a little bear like me!

More from my adventure very soon!



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