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Treacle and the Crayfish!


Whilst at the Stuga I met a new friend, Kevin the one-clawed crayfish.  We had a great time together, chatting away for ages, but then we had a bit of a disagreement and Kevin got a bit scary with his one claw and we didn't talk much after that!  I've been having lots of fun looking at all the wonderful plants here, but I got a bit close to the fence and got stuck, so I had to be helped out again (thanks Dan!)  After such a great time here in Småland I sat and enjoyed the sunset over the lake.  This is a wonderful place and definitely hope to come back again!
Another adventure very soon I hope!
lots of love



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1 bear spotted within 10 miles of this location


      Treacle in Trouble again!

      I've been in Småland celebrating Midsommar.  I think the pictures tell the story.....
      Lots of Love

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